Off the couch, onto the uptrack

This winter was a truly epic season of couch sitting and burger eating. I loafed around for about two months and went skiing willy nilly. I must be getting old because everything hurts. Julia and TJ inside Granddaddy Couloir. The next day my friends tortured me with a painful ski into the Asulkan valley. Half …


New years skiing

As the forecast called it, “an unsettled weather pattern” hung around Revelstoke and Golden for 4 days. Each day they said that the snow would taper off but the next day it snowed even more. December 28 We wanted to ski NRC gully and even woke up at 6am for it, but everything except Grizzly …


Black Prince, McGill, Asulkan

Friday: Black Prince It was cold and socked in. Snow depth was only 50cm! This is Jeremie making the best of the day. Saturday: McGill Shoulder I’d never been to the Bostock area before but Tyler showed us the way. This is the rime on the inside part of a tree and branches. Walking up …


All Filler | No Killer

If you’re used to HD, turn it on over there! =====> I made another video. This is my friend Kevin Theilgaard riding down Moose Mountain on his bike. It was shot over two days on a trail called T-Dub – which has since been destroyed by the flooding. We filmed it backwards: the top third …


Burning Man

If you don’t know what Burning Man is, hopefully you will have some idea by the end of this post. It is part art show, part cultural microcosm, part electronic music festival, part hippie, part nudist, part drug addled, and part just plain old weird. With a pinch of salt. It happens in the Nevada …


Dreaming of snow

I drove through Roger’s Pass a few weeks ago and had happy flashbacks to a few cool moments from earlier in the year, when the days were short and the snow was deep.

Pretty much the only reason I’m using Billie Jean is because one day Kevin was trying to moonwalk and I knew I had to set it to MJ music.

Bugaboo Cragging

We walked to Applebee in the dark, which meant cool temps and no bugs, verrry nice! I set up my camera for a timelapse before we went to sleep. A few people woke up at 3am to do the NE ridge of Bugaboo Spire, you can see their headlamps going up the Bugaboo/Crescent col. The …